History & Museum

Stationhouse Museum

OPEN Friday, Saturday and Sunday

Noon to 4 pm

Entrance is FREE, donations appreciated.

We are happy to announce the opening of the museum. The Museum Committee conducted a safety assessment and implemented appropriate precautions regarding COVID-19 guidelines. Safety measures are in place and volunteer hosts will be trained following the guidelines. We encourage parents to bring their children down for a guided educational visit. We are at 7813 Okanagan Landing Road, Vernon BC.

For private guided tours contact Diana Bainbridge at 250-558-4233 (tours conducted by donation to the museum). If you are interested in becoming a volunteer host for occasional two hour shifts, call Diana.. 

The Okanagan Landing Stationhouse Museum (a satellite of Greater Vernon Museum and Archives) celebrates the history of the area and houses an amazing 21’x4′ scale model depicting Okanagan Landing in 1914,  when sternwheelers provided the only transportation from Vernon to Penticton. Groups of primary students from Okanagan Landing School and Alexis Park School have already enjoyed a field trip to the museum in June, learning that Paddlewheel Park looked very, very different a hundred years ago!

Over 100 years ago, the area known as Paddlewheel Park was the site of CPR shipbuilding and a bustling centre of commerce. It was here that the sternwheel steamships Aberdeen, Okanagan, Sicamous, and the tugboat Naramata were constructed.

Before the rise of the automobile, journey by ship was the fastest and easiest way to travel in the Okanagan. The lake boats would have carried everything needed for daily life and commerce. Ships were the only reliable and efficient way for mail, people and cargo to travel. The StationHouse was the primary facility to board the Sternwheelers.

When the railroad withdrew its services in 1936, the Stationhouse passed into private hands. In 1982 it was donated to the Okanagan Landing & District Community Association by Wes and Kay Whitehead. The heritage building now serves our community as a museum and repository for historical memorabilia, an amazing 21′ x 4′ scale model depicting Okanagan Landing in 1914 when sternwheelers provided the only transportation from Vernon to Penticton and photos from our past.

Our History

On April 8th, 1949, the Okanagan Landing and District Community Association came into being under the Societies Act. The object of the Society is to promote social, recreational, educational, and cultural activities among its members; to improve the conditions of and advance in every way community life and affairs in the Landing area; and to provide suitable buildings and grounds for the furtherance of such objectives.